writing, because it had to be done

October 2022

on having space to wonder and quotes from Audre Lorde

September 2022

#7 thoughts on writing + a Meg Ryan line

August 2022


December 2021

I'm writing again. Well I have been writing, but not posting. But I'm picking it up again because I was reminded of why I like writing. If you'd asked…

October 2021

#2 making time for yourself & quotes to inspire
#1 - Career Update
It’s been a while since I wrote. I want to share this video I watched recently. It mirrored a lot of why I started this Substack and what I hope it’s…

September 2021

I don't have an update because I haven't done much (but i did reach out to two people, so woohoo). I want to write instead about why I decided to start…
I recently went to an AMA by a person called Nick who floated the idea that the only competition should be with your past self. There's some pieces of…
I'll be writing two kinds of posts. One like I mentioned is on my journey into start-ups, which I'll release on Sundays. The other would be an article…